Laminate Flooring In Los Angeles, CA.

Let’s face it, hardwood flooring is popular yet pricey. There has to be another kind of flooring that looks great and lasts for years. Finding the perfect floor isn’t an easy job. However, laminate flooring might do the trick.

Here are three benefits of buying laminate floors from MMY Flooring:

  • Multiple layers increase durability
  • Get the look of hardwood at a lower price point
  • Simple to clean and maintain

Durability and Style of Laminate Flooring

When it’s time to pick flooring for your Los Angeles home or business, the options are nearly endless, and laminate is a great choice. If you’ve had your floors wear out quickly, you know you want something that will last. Laminate floors are the perfect alternative because they are made up of three layers, which include a dense base layer of plywood or high-density fiberboard, an image layer that can imitate the look of hardwood (or anything else you want), and a durable wear layer that protects the flooring from damage. Experience the benefits of laminate flooring by calling or visiting our South El Monte showroom to learn more.


What are laminate floors?

Laminate flooring is a versatile and cost-effective flooring option that imitates the look of other materials such as wood, stone, or tile.

  • Affordability
    Laminate flooring offers an upscale look without breaking the bank. It mimics the appearance of premium materials like hardwood, stone, or tile but is far more cost effective. Homeowners and businesses can achieve the desired aesthetic without the significant expense, making it a budget-friendly option.
  • Durability
    Laminate flooring boasts impressive durability. The protective wear layer, typically made of aluminum oxide, protects the floor from scratches, impacts, and daily wear and tear. Its resilience makes it ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic or households with pets and children, as it can last for several years with little maintenance.
  • Easy maintenance
    Maintaining laminate flooring is straightforward and hassle-free. Regular sweeping or vacuuming with a soft brush attachment is an easy way to keep it clean. For spills or stains, a damp mop with a manufacturer-approved cleaning solution is perfect. Laminate’s smooth surface makes cleanup quick and convenient.
  • Versatility
    Laminate floors come in several styles, colors, and patterns. The high-resolution image layer mimics the aesthetic of various materials with remarkable realism. Whether you prefer the warmth of oak hardwood, the elegance of marble, or the rugged charm of slate, there’s a laminate option to match your design vision.

Installation process for laminate flooring.

The installation process for laminate flooring is relatively straightforward because of its innovative click-and-lock or tongue-and-groove systems. Here’s how the contractors from MMY Flooring finish a job.

  • Prepare the Subfloor: Ensure it’s clean, dry, and level.
  • Acclimate Flooring: Let it sit in the room for 48 hours.
  • Lay Underlayment: Install a foam or cork underlayment.
  • Plan Layout: Stagger planks and leave a 1/4-inch expansion gap.
  • Start in a Corner: Begin with the tongue side facing the wall.
  • Interlock Planks: Click-and-lock or tongue-and-groove installation.
  • Cut Planks: Trim to fit, maintaining the expansion gap.
  • Install Transitions: Add transition strips as needed.
  • Finish With Trim: Install baseboards or quarter-round molding.
  • Clean Up: Remove spacers and clean the floor.

Laminate Flooring: Affordable Elegance in Los Angeles

Laminate flooring installation is typically quicker and less labor-intensive than some other flooring types, making it an attractive choice for home and business owners who want to save money. You should definitely add laminate flooring to your list if you’re searching for an affordable, easy-to-install flooring option in Los Angeles.

Getting a laminate floor is a sensible decision. Not only are they affordable, but they’re also low maintenance and imitate the look of high-end materials such as hardwood and marble. If you’re on the hunt for floors that are easy to install and last a long time, our Los Angeles flooring team offers a solution with laminate floors. Call or visit our South El Monte showroom to learn more about your options.


Laminate floor FAQs

What is laminate flooring, and how does it differ from other types of flooring?

Laminate flooring is a synthetic flooring material that looks similar to natural materials such as wood or stone. It differs from hardwood or tile flooring because it consists of multiple layers. These include a high-resolution image layer, core layer, and protective wear layer, which are fused together through lamination. Laminate offers cost-effective aesthetics and durability.

Is laminate flooring suitable for high-traffic areas and commercial spaces?

Absolutely! Laminate flooring is perfect for high-traffic areas and commercial spaces due to its durability and resistance to wear and tear. It can withstand heavy foot traffic, making it ideal for businesses, retail stores, and public spaces.

What are the maintenance requirements for laminate flooring, and how do I keep it looking its best?

Laminate flooring is easy to maintain. Regular sweeping or vacuuming with a soft brush attachment keeps it free of dust and debris. For spills or stains, a damp mop with a manufacturer-approved cleaning solution is sufficient. Avoid excessive moisture and abrasive cleaning materials to preserve its appearance.

Can laminate flooring be installed over existing flooring, and is it suitable for DIY installation?

Laminate flooring can often be installed over existing flooring, provided the subfloor is clean, level, and in good condition. Many laminate products feature click-and-lock or tongue-and-groove installation systems. DIY installation is possible. However, we recommend calling a professional to save time and money.

Does laminate flooring come in various styles and colors, and can it mimic the look of natural materials convincingly?

Yes, laminate flooring offers several styles, colors, and patterns. The high-resolution image layer imitates the look of wood, stone, tile, and other flooring materials. The choices are endless!

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